How to delete Gmail account permanently


Making a Gmail account is pretty simple but what many users do not know is that removing the same doesn't take long as well. Read this blog till the end to know how one can simply delete their Gmail account permanently without breaking a sweat. 

Let us now take a look at steps on how to delete a Gmail account 

  • To begin with the proceedings, open your web browser and sign in to your Gmail account via Google. 

  • From there, you will need to click on the grid icon that is on the top right corner of your screen to select the "account" option to proceed further. 

  • Just under the "account preferences" option, click on the option that says "delete your account or services".

  • Now, click on the "delete products" option. 

  • In the next window, type your password correctly in the given spaces to move forward.

  • Now, simply hit the trash icon that is just next to the "Gmail" option.

  • After doing so, you will need to enter an alternate email address and make sure that it is not another Gmail address.

  • Once you have done so, click on the "send verification email" option. 

  • Simply open the email that you have received and follow the deletion link available in the mail. 

  • If there is a need for it, log in to the Gmail account that you want to delete and click on "yes I want to delete my account and hit "delete Gmail" to finish the process. 

These simple steps can help you to delete a Gmail account permanently with relative ease. 

For more info, you may have to visit the help and support center of Google.