How to Recover deleted messages from Facebook?


Many times, it happens that when we went on clearing our Facebook chat, some important conversation gets deleted. Since Facebook has also become an important platform for business promotion and growth, therefore, if you are having a business account on Facebook, then you may often fall into professional conversations with random people, some of which might be important for your business. In that case, somehow, if you end up deleting that conversation, then you can face a huge loss in your business. Thus, to prevent people from falling into a problem, we have written down some steps by which you can recover deleted Facebook messages very easily.


Method to restore deleted Facebook messages

Following are the steps by which you can easily recover your deleted Facebook messages:

  1. Using a laptop or desktop, login into your Facebook account.

  2. From the top menu bar, click on the drop-down arrow icon and select Privacy and Settings.

  3. Within it, select the Settings option.

  4. From the left sidebar, select the “Your Facebook Information” option.

  5. There, select the “Down Your Information option”.

  6. Select the data that you want to download from the list provided. Uncheck all options, other than “Messages” if you only want to restore Facebook messages.

  7. Then, click on the Create File button.

  8. Facebook will send the file of all the messages to your email linked to your Facebook account. You need to download it as soon as possible, as it will be available for only a few days.

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