Youtube vs Tiktok


Social media and ott platforms are no less than desserts, it's addictive to most of the human population. The competition is always raging. Never Ending updates and advancements in preexisting features makes the most of consumer experience. The content and entertainment we look for is all out there and is in our hands. Here  concern of the speech is what platform or media channel serves the best. 


Youtube and Tiktok- well there’s no need to introduce the two. One(Youtube) is a total ocean of entertainment and information while the other(Tiktok) is a sea of entertainment filled with creatures of emotions. The two have their own technical specifications but both of them deliver content worthy to binge all day. Speaking of technical aspects, let's see what this battle on the internet is all about.

Not very recently the content creators of both the platforms were in a tug of war to prove their delivery medium is the ultimate. We need more than that to actually form a rigid perspective.


Youtube vs Tiktok: The Content 


Content can be anything that is posted on the internet. The information, utility, and application of it show the actual value. On Youtube, we can find any and every sort of content on the other hand in Tiktok it's just short videos posted for entertainment purpose or to kill time. Youtube community guidelines alter the obscenity and disturbing parts of the content to deliver safe and presentable content. In Tik Tok we can witness the presence of eye hurting videos and some vulgar things that app users do to go viral. 


Youtube vs Tiktok: Viewership Experience 

No wonder the change in the resolution of videos in youtube creates an exciting experience. Plus the availability of the platform on various mediums makes it easy to access. The Tiktok does not have such features which hinder the viewership experience. 


Youtube vs Tiktok: Entertainment Quotient  


Before Tiktok was banned in India the last rating was 4.4 on Google Playstore and the present rating of Youtube is 4.1 but it doesn't advocate the fact that TikTok serves better entertainment. In Tiktok it's a 6o seconds video which is fine to kill the time. Tiktok can be taken as a trivial form of entertainment. But Youtube being the oldest running platform is all about long-term entertainment. 


Personally, I feel Youtube is more efficient in the above-mentioned ways. It also professes the range of content, the business aspect and educational values as well. Whereas Tiktok is solely for entertainment and to create videos.  


You can easily download youtube videos to watch them later but in the case of tiktok first you have to log in to TikTok and then you have to use third-party software.