How to delete KIK account


If you are a user of KIK account who now wants to delete the account on Kik which you created earlier then fortunately you are at the right place as in this blog you will have the answers to all your questions. 

If you want to delete the account on Kik then you have an option to temporarily deactivate your account instead of going to delete kik permanently as if you deactivate your account you can get the access of your account after some time if you want it. 

But if you are persistent to delete the account of kik then you must have your email address and your username with you in your hand before you go for the process to delete the account of Kik. 

If you delete your account on Kik – 

  • You will no longer be able to login into your account which means you will no more have the access to your account. 

  • You will no longer get the emails and messages on your kik account.

  • You or someone else will not be able to look for the username which you were using earlier.

  • Your profile of Kik will be removed and then all your contacts and the messages you have exchanged will be removed on your profile. 

If you are ready to deal with all these consequences then you are all set to move the procedure to go for how to delete kik account

Steps to delete the Kik account of yours – 

  1. To begin the procedure to delete your account you need to open the kik account deletion portal on the web browser which you are using and once you are on the portal you can move to the next step. 

  2. In the next step you will have to fill in the username and the email address which you have created at the time of creating an account on kik and then you also need to fill in the password of your account. 

  3. Now after you have entered the details you will be asked for the reason why you want to delete your kik account and once you have provided the reason for the same you can move to the next step that follows. 

  4. You are supposed to check the box which will acknowledge that you are deleting your account permanently and you are aware of this and as well as responsible for the same. 

  5. Hit the Go button now and check the email which you have provided there you will receive a link to delete your account and you need to click on the link to delete your account to complete the procedure and delete your account on kik permanently. 

Now if you wish to use KIK again you will need to create a new account and add all your friends and contacts again and again you have to set up your account and then only you can move ahead to use Kik account again and use its features.