Not receiving Gmail verification code

Gmail is strict about its users’ privacy and security, that’s the reason why it sends a code to the associated email along with the email password. if you are trying to add your Gmail account on a new device, it will ask for you to confirm it by clicking on the verification code. 

However, there can be several reasons if you can't receive a Gmail verification code on your email. Some of them are- you have not linked your email with on the device, connectivity issues, and outage issues with Gmail. 


Fix “Gmail not receiving verification code”


  1. Check the date and time of your phone while syncing the Google Gmail account. It should be configured properly if the Gmail code is not received on your email. 

  2. Make sure the linked device is in your immediate access so that you can confirm the code as soon as it appears on your screen. if you do not confirm the verification code, it will show up to recovery issues. 

  3. Select the text method to enter the Gmail verification code. However, the voice method somehow stuck and fails to give you the desired result, we recommend you to always go for the text method. 

  4. Check your internet connectivity.