How to recover deleted Telegram account


At the time we delete our telegram account, our messages or channels, whatever that can be seen in your telegram account also will get deleted. So it is very important for the individual deleting the telegram account, to back up their messages and the other information whatever they need. 


Warning every user who uses telegram must know:

When you delete your telegram account from the same number three times, at your further try you will get a message saying that you cannot create an account from the same number again. At least for 7 to 21 days, you will not be able to create, so follow the below tips to recover deleted telegram accounts. 


A shortcut trick to get back your account: 

If you do not care about the messages but somehow want the account in the same number, you will have to create the account from a different number and then from the settings to change the account number to the previous number. 


View the deleted messages: 

Step 1: There is a three-line icon, tap on the saved messages to view all the messages.

Step 2: If the chats are deleted from your telegram account, all the saved messages can be viewed. 


This is how you can ‘recover telegram’ accounts even if you have deleted them. 


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