How to recover hacked Facebook Account?

Facebook has billions of active monthly users which make it the largest social media platform. 

FB account hacked how to recover

The following ways will tell you how to recover your hacked Facebook account:

  • Facebook has recently launched to assist you in FB account recovery: Identity Verification. With this, you will want to affirm your identity by sending a government-provided ID. After sending your ID, Facebook will react to you in 1-3 days and will assist you with getting back your record without any problem.

  • If your Facebook account hacked email and phone changed 2022, it becomes quite difficult to recover your account. Still, you have two options:

  1. Go to the Facebook page and click on the forgot password. Enter your account information as required and click on the option from various others for account recovery. Click on the mobile number option. Facebook will send you a code on it and you have to enter it on the dialogue box to recover it.

  2. If there will be a change in your email address, then Facebook will send you a notification on your previous email address regarding the change. There will be an option whether you did this or not. You can secure your account from there. 

This is what you can do if you have a FB account hacked and how to recover.

  • You can also check the login activity of your account and according to that, you can reset your password. 

The above-mentioned steps helped you to recover your hacked Facebook account in 2022.