Why is my computer restarting randomly?


Sudden restart issues can be very frustrating and could make you lose your important task.

It's like a bitter gourd!

Nobody likes it.

To make sure you work seamlessly without interruption or losses of data we have come the fixes that might resolve your problem of Windows 10 restarting randomly.

So let's move to fixes.

Causes and fixes.


Automatic Restart feature


There are probable chances that you have enabled the Automatic Restart feature which causes you issues like Windows 10 randomly restarts, disabling this feature might help you.

Follow the below step to disable Automatic Restart Feature:-


  • First double click the right button on "This PC or my computer" according to which windows you are on  and click on Properties.


  • Next step is to move towards Advanced system settings and then click on the Settings option on the bottom right.


  • Finally, disable the "Automatic restart" feature by unmarking the box and hit on the  *OK button".


Overheating is also a prominent cause of Windows 10 restarting Randomly type issues.

To avoid any damages,Windows shut down the computer.

You can take assistance from third-party apps or access to bios to examine the computer's temperature.


We suggest you clean out the vents and other openings of the CPU to lower the load and better run.

Hardware issues


Go through your CPU and power supply working fine.

If the problems continue to haunt you, it means something is not right with your PC's hardware, in that case you can seek the help of professionals and if your laptop or PC is still in the warranty period, contact the service center.




Simply follow the below steps in order to get rid of "PC restarting randomly Windows 10".


  1. Head to the Power options by searching the term in the search box.


  1.  Then, hit on the Edit power plan option.


  1. Now, "tap on change advanced power settings" option.


  1. Keep yourself on the "Balanced" option and tap on the 'Processor power management".


  1. Now, choose Minimum processor state and configure it to 0% or 5%.


  1. Lastly, tap on the "Apply button" and press "OK".


  • Updating BIOS to the latest version can also cure this issue.

Make sure you install the right version otherwise it could harm your computer.