How to recover gmail with recovery email


While we create a Gmail account, we will have to fill in the recovery email which is actually not a mandatory step; so most of the people will skip that step. But those people who know the value of it will add it, so if they face issues to lose their account, they will recover Gmail. 


At what times will this Gmail recovery help us?

  • When you forget your password

  • Someone else hacked your account

  • You have been locked out of your account. 


Recover Gmail with recovery email:

Step 1:

Go to the official login page of Gmail. Enter your phone number or email address of the ID you want to recover and click on ‘forgot password.


Step 2:

Again enter your phone number or email address of the Id and click the next button.


Step 3:

Now, enter your first name and the last name that you have given already.


Step 4:

A page will appear now, saying that get a verification code, now at this stage, you will have to click on send.


Step 5:

Now to your recovery email a code will be sent, enter that code in the box asking for. 


Step 6: 

Follow the on-screen instruction to set a new password.